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If there’s one thing I’m deeply passionate about, it’s helping people feel less confused about how to live a healthy, happy life.  

Because, let’s be honest, it’s way too confusing.

Now, this wasn’t something I was fully aware of until I had to face some serious health issues of my own back in 2014, when no one seemed to know what was wrong with me.

You see, after a pretty terrible bout of food poisoning, I was left with severe stomach pains and digestive issues.

In just 5 months, I had gone to 12 different GI doctors, all of which were unsuccessful at giving me a real diagnosis. In fact, most of them concluded that my symptoms were psychological, not physical.

Frustrated and worried that I’d ever feel like myself again, I finally connected with a doctor who was willing to do more extensive testing, and I was diagnosed with a low functioning thyroid. Cue the medication (Synthroid to be exact).

While it was a relief to have clarified one piece of the puzzle, it didn’t explain or remedy the bigger problem: my digestive issues

Determined to get to the root of my symptoms, I was thrilled to find a functional medicine doctor who through even more testing discovered that I had both SIBO and candida: two bacterial imbalances in the gut that were the cause of my pain and discomfort.

Finally, a diagnosis that made sense! Albeit, 2 years later.

I was immediately put on a diet and supplementation protocol that has given me incredible relief from abdominal pain and so much more. I was also prescribed LDN to help boost my immune system and naturally support the balance of my thyroid hormones.

After 3 years of feeling alone, misunderstood, and pretty darn hopeless, I’ve realized a few things.

  1. There is a serious lack of knowledge in the medical community.
  2. You should never give up on finding the right doctor for you.
  3. It is possible to find powerful relief from a chronic condition.
  4. How you feel in your body is 100% related to how you eat, move, and live.

When I look back on how I ate before the food poisoning incident of 2014, I see very clearly that my diet and lifestyle were hugely to blame.

You see, I grew up in a household where convenience was more valuable that quality, and the majority of my meals were from fast food restaurants like Wendy’s and McDonalds, accompanied by frozen snacks like bagel bites and my beverage of choice, soda.

These eating habits were engrained into me up until my 20’s. Not only that, but I was also never concerned about losing weight or dieting because I was naturally thin. And to me, thin meant healthy.

Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Having finally gotten to the bottom of my health issues today, I felt inspired to deepen my own knowledge of nutrition and lifestyle techniques that are more holistic in approach. So I enrolled at Emory here in Atlanta, Georgia to get my health coaching certification.

The truth is, I don’t want anyone to have to go through what I went through—not finding the right doctor for years, not knowing that my diet was playing a huge part in my pain, and not feeling understood by anyone in my life.

What would have saved me a ton of time and energy was a health expert who could have guided not only my diet, but could have directed me to the right doctor, the right alternative treatments, and the right medication.

Whether you’re suffering from a chronic condition or you simply want to find the right healthy lifestyle habits for you, I’m here to make it feel so much easier. That way, you have more time to fully live and enjoy your life.