Not confused.

Not hopeless.

Not like a failure.

Not all alone.

And definitely not like you're just living in survival mode.

Your body is meant to function better, and when given the right food, the right care, and the right guidance, it can.

What gets you (and the rest of us) lost is too much conflicting information from mainstream media and a lack of personalized attention from our doctors. 

Exhibit A:
You hear one day that paleo is the healthiest diet, and the next you watch a documentary that says animal protein causes basically every chronic illness on the planet (see: What the Health?). Ummm, what?

Exhibit B:
A visit to the doctor usually lasts 15 minutes without any discussion of what’s really at the root of your low energy, insomnia, anxiety, digestive pain, etc. Instead, you’re likely given a prescription to alleviate the symptoms or told that you’ll have to be on medication for life. 

The truth is, there’s something most health care practitioners and publications don’t tell you.

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Those moment to moment snap decisions about…

  • A veggie rich salad vs. a slice of greasy pizza
  • A workout class vs. a boozy happy hour
  • An earlier bedtime vs. a Netflix binge
  • A sip of water vs. multiple sips of sugary soda

… all add up overtime and influence your energy, your sleep, your mood, your digestion, and can contribute to the development of chronic illness. 

And while a doctor doesn’t have the time to assess your habits and help you change them, a Healthy Lifestyle Coach does and can

With a holistic health expert and accountability partner in one…

  • You’ll learn to tune into the subtle cues of your body so that you can change unhealthy habits and identify the foods that trigger your symptoms.
  • You’ll have space, time, and undivided attention to share your frustrations, goals, and pain points so that you feel heard and seen.
  • You’ll have the guidance you need to find the root cause of your most uncomfortable symptoms, so that you can start healing.
  • When you have this kind of support you feel…







And free.

Because you have finally found a way to feel better without having to give up your whole life to be healthy again.

That means that every action you take can determine whether or not our body functions at its best. Whether our mind is filled with anxiety or optimism. And whether we feel strong, confident, and capable.

You are powerful; probably more powerful than you think.

Together, we’ll channel that power into creating a lifestyle that will allow you to make both healthy choices and enjoy those beloved moments of indulgence.

Yes, it’s possible to have both kale and cake, water and wine, veggies and sweet treats.

How Can I Help You?

(i.e. autoimmunity, thyroid issues, and more)