The Dirty Dozen

Organic food is EXPENSIVE. But so is a chronic illness. Oh, the dilemma! Do you ever feel guilty when you are in the produce section? Because you think you should be buying organic, but your bank account is saying, “Not happening!” Well, I have a little trick for you!

First of all, fruits and veggies are sprayed with over 178 different pesticides and pesticide breakdown products. Yikes! They are broken into two different categories based on which produce gets sprayed with the most pesticides. The Dirty Dozen, are sprayed with the most pesticides, and the Clean Fifteen are sprayed with the least amount.

There were several long-term studies done in the 1990’s on the effects of children exposed to toxic pesticides. The studies showed that there was lasting damage to their brains and nervous system. Scary huh?

So, when you are browsing the produce section and debating which products to buy, buy these organic! Quick tip, spinach has been shown to have more than double the amount of pesticides than any of the others listed!


The Clean Fifteen are the produce that have the least amount of pesticides used on them. Buying these non-organic is ok, but I would personally suggest going all organic if you can swing it. But, I get it, sometimes the budget just doesn’t allow that to happen. When that is an issue, these are the produce that you can buy non-organic, while still feeling that you are making a good purchase!

I know it can be super overwhelming because its seems like every time someone turns around there is something else to watch out for. But hey! That’s why I am here. To walk you through this process, make it easier to understand, and help you make better choices!

So, get excited. See these lists as a positive thing! You now have some guidance around what kind of produce to buy and how to buy it! It’s a simple change, and hopefully this can save you a little bit of money!