Social Media Detox

Do you ever feel like social media is taking over your life? Or that it has gotten extremely negative and it’s hard to stay in a good mood? I feel you. It’s crazy to think how much time we spend checking our Instagram, Tweeting, or posting on Facebook. Sometimes when I’m out, and I want to post an Instagram story, I immediately want to stop. Why am I doing that? Because I’m bored? Because I really want people to see what I am doing? Am I actually enjoying what I’m videoing? Or am I missing it because I want to make sure I pick the best filter and caption? Something to think about huh? Well I have some tips for you to take a social media hiatus and bring zen back into your life. 

1. Delete your apps.

I know. That sounds like a crazy idea. But you can always redownload them. Nothing goes away. It will all be there when you redownload it, I promise. Not having the apps on your phone would force you to redownload them, and during that time, hopefully you will have reminded yourself you are on a detox. Its kind oflike deleting an ex’s number that you don’t want to text. Youmay still know his number by heart, but by the time you start typing in his number, you realize this is a terrible idea and abort the mission. Same goes for your social media. Delete the apps. It’s worth it.

2. Go to sleep with your phone away from you.

Don’t put it next to your bed, don’t put it on the nightstand, put it away. Far away. Put it outside the room if you have too. “But Gabrielle, what if there is an emergency and someone tries to call.” Keep it where you can still hear it. But as far away as possible. Have you ever laid in bed looking at something on Instagram and you look at the time and its hours later and you are 3 years deep in your old best friend’s sisters Instagram? Yeah me too. We’ve all been there. That’s exactly why we need an intervention.      

3. Read about something you are interested in.

Replace the time you are usually on with something that is actually useful. Read a book about something you enjoy, or watch some informative videos. Interested in learning about politics? Or another culture? Learn about it! Expand your mind. Get out of that comfort zone you are in. Learning something new is  much better use of your time then finding out your elementary school classmate’s opinion on politics. Exactly. It’s useless information. 

4. Learn a language.

Think about it. How much time do you waste daily on social media? Do you get anything in return? This doesn’t count for people that are on social media for their jobs, it’s for those who do it to numb their mind or to waste time. Download Rosetta Stone and use that social media time to learn a language. That way, it’s something you can be proud of. There is a Rosetta Stone app now and you can learn it straight from your phone. So instead of clicking on social media apps, learn how to speak a language! 

5. If you aren’t quite ready to take a full social media detox, then download the app Moment. It tracks how long you spend on social media every day. It keeps up with how much screen time you use, how many times you pick up your phone, and how much time you spend on your phone each time you use it. Scary. It also shows you what you spend the most time doing. The part that really gets you, Is when it tells you the percentage of your day that you used on your phone. Its scary! But, it is helpful because you can add time limits to each app that you use. So you are able to set it where you are only on Instagram for 20 minutes a day! I love that feature!

I hope these tricks help! Let me know how it goes!