Gluten Free In NYC

Hi!! I have been travelling like crazy these last few months. I've really been slacking on my blog posts, but I am back! I've visited NYC about four times in the last three months, and the food is absolutely amazing. Atlanta has a few good gluten free spots, but NYC is definitely winning the gluten free game in my opinion. I wanted to share some of my favorite places with you, so when you are in the city you know where to go! 

1. Senza Gluten

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Senza Gluten is my OG pit stop in Greenwich Village. The moment I land at the airport, I head straight for this 100% Gluten Free restaurant. All the Italian classics you can think of, you can get here. If you go for lunch, they offer pizza and sandwiches as well as some of the classics they serve at dinner. Brunch is my favorite and they do not disappoint. Pancakes, french toast, and fresh muffins, are just a few of the goodies you can get at weekend brunch. One of my favorite things about Senza Gluten, is you get a bread basket when you sit down. A BREAD BASKET. When was the last time you sat to dinner and could eat the BREAD BASKET?? Bless you, Senza Gluten. FYI- They only accept AMEX and CASH. 


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I am so happy I found this gem in the West Village. It is also a 100% gluten free restaurant full of comfort foods made with the simplest ingredients. They have pizza galore and entrees like Butternut Squash Ravioli and Chicken Parmigiano. I am not going to lie, the Butternut Squash Ravioli is the best ravioli I have ever tasted. It is so fresh and has the best flavor. WILD has the best atmosphere and is the perfect place to go with friends or on a date! 

3. Don Antonio 

Ok, so Don Antonio isn't 100% gluten free. But, they do have a gluten free menu. They have the best gluten free pizza in the city in my opinion. The dough is so light and delicious where you actually feel like you are eating a pizza. It's right next to the Theater District, so it is a great place to eat after you see a show! 

4. Friedmans

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I love love love Friedmans. Its a family owned restaurant chain with the motto of Mindful Eating. It isn't 100% gluten free, but almost everything on their menu can be made gluten free. They have the most amazing gluten free pancakes. They also have a wide variety and I like to go there for breakfast and lunch. Chicken and waffles and vegetable pot stickers are just a few of the delicious items they have. There are several locations, but they have a new one in the Theater District inside the Edison Hotel and its not as busy as the other locations. 

5. Tali & Tali Dolce

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I discovered Tali this last trip to NYC and I am bummed I never found it sooner. Let me tell you something. They have the best HOMEMADE sandwich bread. Tali is also a 100% Gluten Free Restaurant in Midtown. They have delicious comfort food, like a Meatball Panini.  Next door, is Tali Dolce, that is filled with gluten free ice cream, coffee, and pastries. I tried to convince the manager to sell me a loaf of gluten free bread, but it was a fail. The good news, is he did mention that they may start selling it. Until then, ill just have to visit Tali every time I am in town. 

6. Erin Mckenna's Bakery

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Pretty sure Erin Mckenna is my soul sister. She opened up a 100% gluten free and VEGAN bakery in the city. Every time I visit, I buy one of everything. Doesn't even matter what they have that day. I take one of each. My husband laughs because he knows there is zero way I will eat it all, but he said he can't tell me no because I get so excited when I get there. *Isn't he darling* Anyway, you name it, they got it. Doughnuts, scones, eclairs, thin mints, bagels, cookies, and much more. My favorites are the maple doughnut and the blueberry scones. They do deliver nationwide, but I bought the cookbook instead. If you've been missing out on your sweets because of your food restrictions, you will fall in love with this place! 


Got some gluten free places you love? Comment below!