5 Natural Home Products

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As much as I would love to make all my own natural products for my home with essential oils, I just don't always have the time. Making sure my home is chemical free and safe is something that is super important to me. After A LOT of trial and error, I finally found products that I was happy with. I hope that this list will be helpful for you and encourage you to  transition to more natural products in your home! 



1. Besem Natural Scents 

These candles are my absolute favorite. This was my first time trying beeswax candles, and it did not disappoint! These burn longer than other candles and they produce zero soot. Which is perfect when I accidentally put them near a white wall. Oops. The maker of these, blends original scents with fresh beeswax and tallow from grass fed cows from small family farms. She then adds a small amount of organic virgin coconut oil to make the wax smooth and creamy. If that doesn’t sway you, they even donate 10% of their profit to orphan relief. I mean does it get any better than that?   I trashed all my Yankee Candles and only buy from Besem Natural Scents. The Amber Cognac is one of my favorites!



2. Better Life Dishwasher Gel

I went through about 5 different natural dishwasher soaps until I finally came across this company. This was one of the first products I changed in my home. Knowing that what I was using to clean my dishes was going to come in contact with my mouth just really grossed me out. I needed something natural and chemical free. Better Life has an entire line of all natural cleaning products that are fantastic! Everything from window cleaner to wood cleaner. They have a set that includes all of their products, and it is a great housewarming gift! This dishwasher gel cleans the toughest stains from my dishes when I am lazy and forget to soak them. You will not be disappointed with this! Check out Better Life Dishwasher Gel and their many other natural products! Its on sale right now too! 




3.  Aquasana Shower Filter

 You can add water filters to your drinking water, but have you thought about the water that’s coming out of your shower? The water that you are soaking with in the bathtub? I bought this Aquasana water filter and I love it for my shower. This company also has filters for drinking water and for your entire home. When I buy my house soon, I am installing the whole house filter and I will let you know how I like it! I’ve had this filter for a while and I can feel the difference on my skin and my hair. The water is much softer. Sometimes if I have a cold, I’ll wrap fresh eucalyptus around the shower head and let it infuse in my shower. Its wonderful! Try Aquasana here




4.  Caldrea Laundry Detergent

I am really particular about my detergents. I like my clothes to smell fresh and clean when I wash them. I tried so many different brands of laundry detergent until I finally found Caldrea. This brand far exceeded my expectations. It has over 8 different fragrances and they all smell delicious after you use it. You don’t need to use much when doing laundry, so this bottle lasts awhile! My favorites are Sea Salt Neroni, Sweet Pea, Rosewater Driftwood, and Lavender Pine. They have several other products, and even have a sensitive formula for cleaning products to use in your babies nursery! Check out Caldrea detergent. 




5. Optimist Cleaner 

I am so happy I found this company! I use their glass cleaner and their all purpose cleaner. They smell so fresh that I look forward to cleaning. Seriously! They are also super reasonably priced. Next time you run out of your current all purpose cleaner, give this set a try. You will not be disappointed! Check it out here

Let me know how you like these products! 


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